What to do about a wild New Orleans animal under the porch

When I started looking for information on what to do about a New Orleans animal living under the porch or under your deck I got what I believe is an interesting response especially from the professionals which was, if it's not bothering you why bother it. They all pretty much told me that animals who live under structures are generally completely harmless, they're never going to come running out from underneath the structure and attack either you or your pets in fact if you give them warning, most of them said just clap your hands a few times, the animals all go back into their dens and stay there until you go back inside with your dog or cat.

Most of these Louisiana animals get killed by pets or die of old age because they are seriously shy, very good at hiding and usually very well camouflaged. The other major consideration is they want nothing to do with you or your pets, they just want to live their lives in peace and quiet, which they will do if you leave them alone. That said if you have to get rid of them off the property then generally unless it is a female with babies they are pretty easy to scare off because they are terrified of loud noises and bright lights so if you set up a couple of motion activated lights they will not like it and if you leave the radio playing on the deck or porch above them they are usually gone within a couple of days. Always give the animal a couple of days at least to move out because if it is a female with babies it may take it that long to move each one of them.

Once the resident New Orleans animal has left and you are double sure it has have a look around the perimeter of the place where it was living and see if you can tell how it got access, once you've figured that one out you can set about blocking out any and all possible access points. When you do block them up use steel mesh as a minimum because some animals can actually get through lesser materials, if the animal is one that is capable of digging then you may have to bury mesh up to 3 feet deep to prevent it from just digging under what you used to block up the holes.

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