Why do New Orleans skunks dig?

You may have probably found Louisiana skunks digging in your garden or yard. They dig because skunks are looking for food like edible fertilizers or insects like bone meal or fishmeal. Many times holes of skunk look similar with the holes which dog makes holes so you should first check for paw prints or droppings to get left over to determine which creature digs their dens in your yard.

How to identify it has been dug by New Orleans skunks?
Skunks will try to dig well under poultry that has been kept in the garden or yard. They normally dig at night and meadows so it is tough to find out skunks. Skunk’s prints are also similar to the dog, but their paws are longer than the paws of a dog.

The dog usually makes holes with the round shape while on other hand, skunks dig in cone-shaped holes. These holes are usually 3 to 4 inches wide. The odor is also one of the signs of skunks. Their feces smell is stronger than a dog.

Skunks are attracted to a yard when it's eating:
Louisiana skunks are one of those animals that eat a variety of foods but usually, they are in search of meat more than vegetables. So it is advisable not to keep any leftover food outside because they like to eat them. Also, ensure to keep all trash in metal made containers which cannot be opened by animals. Skunks also follow rates so make sure that your yard or home is free from rates.

How to prevent skunks to dig?
Fencing is one of the best options. They are not able to climb fences so they try to dig under the fence to search for food like tunneling mice or chicken eggs. If you find any holes in your garden or yard that can dig more by skunks, you should cover it immediately.

It is advisable to check your city’s local laws. There may be not legal to kill or smoke from New Orleans skunks out of their burrows. As for example, in some states, it requires having a license for hunting and trapping a skunk. You should not try to deal with any wild skunk as they can scratch and bite. They can also transmit diseases like rabies and that can be fatal to humans. It is advisable to call and report the animal control officers. Animal control officers will inspect the facilities to ensure that all skunks are safely disposed of from your home or garden.

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